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Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS

2024 Medical Honoree

Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS received his MD with distinction in research from Rutgers and Albany Medical College. He trained in surgery at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital, in burn care and surgery at Cornell New York Hospital, and in plastic surgery at the University of Chicago where he was Chief Resident in 1987. He then did a facial cosmetic surgery fellowship in Miami before being recruited to the Robert Wood Johnson Faculty to eventually become the Chief of Plastic Surgery. Now in private practice, he’s continued academically by publishing over two dozen scientific papers and chapters and teaching at Columbia where he is an adjunct associate professor and Rutgers, where he is a clinical associate professor. While Dr. Perry’s practice is largely cosmetic surgery, he frequently performs reconstructions after skin cancer removal and has just patented the first skin cream designed to lessen the chance of radiation dermatitis in people undergoing radiation therapy. 

Arthur was born in Cornwall, New York to Michael M Perry, DDS and Harriet Perry. His mother was the Highland Falls New York School Board President when he was growing up. She also was politically active as the Vice Chairman of Orange County New York’s Republican Party and George Pataki’s first campaign manager when he ran for State Assembly. His father was a dentist and a Town Councilman until he passed at the age of 90. Arthur’s parents started him in school a year early because his mother knew he would want to specialize (true story). Both of Arthur's parents were patients of Wine and Roses Co-Chair, Michael Nissenblatt, MD, FACOP. His sister Rachelle is a veterinarian in Charleston, SC and his sister, Sandi, is deceased. 


While in Boston, Arthur met Bedonna Weiss, PhD, a psychologist doing research at Harvard. He was engaged in just a few months and together they had 3 children. Benjamin works in television and film and lives in Los Angeles. Meredith was on the Forbes 30 under 30 list and is the CEO of a tech company. Julia is a private investigator. Both girls live in Manhattan. At age 49, Bedonna was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. With the help of Drs. Mike Nissenblatt and Mike Goldberg, Bedonna was able to live a high quality of life for 14 years. She died at age 63 in 2020. 


After Bedonna’s death, Arthur sent his 2 bassets to live with his son, transported Albert, his pig, to the Ross Mill Farm in Pennsylvania, sold his NJ house and moved to Manhattan where he opened a new office on Park Avenue and is a partner in Greenwich Street Surgical, the largest cosmetic surgery surgicenter in the USA. Through Meredith’s friend, Arthur was connected with another widow, Susan Warner, whose husband died of biliary tract cancer. Susan is an independent college counselor who has written a book on moving forward after massive loss. Together Arthur and Susan are once again enjoying life. They’ve traveled to Europe 6 times in 3 years and Susan has become Arthur’s co-host on his radio show. 

Arthur was appointed to New Jersey’s State Board of Medical Examiners from 1995-2005, and was instrumental in establishing standards for office operating rooms, instrument sterilization, and tattooing and piercing. As a member of New Jersey’s bioterrorism task force, he helped the federal government stockpile smallpox vaccine and antivirals, preparing for a disaster that thankfully never happened. 


Arthur has a strong interest in the media and has hosted “What’s Your Wrinkle” on WOR radio for nearly 19 years. He’s published 4 books, including one named the best health book of 2007 and another, co-written with Drs. Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen, that became a New York Times best seller. 


Arthur has appeared on the Dr. Oz show 11 times and has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox News, Red Table Talk, the Tamron Hall show, and many others. He’s perennially on a variety of “Top Doctor” lists in New Jersey and New York. 

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